What Is BlogTalk Radio?

What is Blogtalk Radio?:

Blogtalk Radio is the largest social radio network with millions of listeners and thousands of hosts covering politics, tech, entertainment, health and more. It’s radio over the Internet. People from all walks of life are hosting live radio shows using any phone and a computer; then they can distribute the recording as a podcast. Or listen to thousands of new shows created daily.



You and your clients can:

Express Opinions, Thoughts, Ideas & Shape Public Opinion and Policy.

You and your clients can:

Share your voice and view points with the world.

Blogtalk Radio is quick and simple:

 We can Broadcast live from anywhere in the world with a phone and a computer.

 Blogtalk Radio will help you develop your professional reputation and brand by broadcasting interviews with experts in your field to:

Gain Credibility and Build Your Brand

 Grow and Interact With Your Audience & Community

Bring together like-minded individuals around a niche topic & take live callers on one of our diverse talk shows


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