Cardio versus Resistance Training . . . Monday Madness

Just in case you missed today’s Monday Madness: The Health & Fitness Show on the S&HCN, here is some information about cardio and resistance training from your fitness experts and hosts of Monday Madness, Ken Williams (Body by Ken) and Tiffany Santana (Metropolitan Bootcamp for Women).

In order to maintain good fitness, gain muscle and lose weight, it is important to employ a combination of cardiovascular (cardio) training and resistance training.

Cardio Training is a general term for any form of vigorous aerobic exercise, which pushes the heart rate to a near maximum. Examples of cardio training are running, faster-paced walking, basketball, cycling, swimming, dancing, Zumba, kickboxing or boxing, cross-country skiing, jogging, or hiking. Check out the link below for more information.

Resistance Training is any exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance with the expectation of increases in strength, tone, mass, and/or endurance. Examples of resistance training are weight lifting with free weights, using the cable machines, using rubber exercise or resistance bands, body weight exercises like push ups, squats, or crunches, and Pilates. Check out the link below for more information.

Cardio training not only helps you to develop cardiovascular (heart) health, but it also helps you to burn calories and fat.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 30 to 60 minutes of moderate aerobic activity on most days of the week, for a total of 150 minutes per week to maintain your weight and up to 300 minutes of aerobic activity to lose weight.

Target Heart Rate – A 30-year-old person should aim for a target heart rate of at least 115 beats per minute to stimulate the body’s ability to efficiently burn stored fat as energy. The simplest method to calculate your target heart rate is to use the American Heart Association calculation for maximum heart rate . . . it’s equal to 220 minus your age in years, but the numbers for women are slightly easier if you want to be precise. For women, your maximum heart rate is 206 minus 88 percent of a woman’s age.

Minute by minute, cardio training burns more calories than resistance training, which is great for fast weight loss, but not so great for quality weight loss.

Cardio vascular training typically doesn’t do much for muscle development.  Resistance training is the way to go for developing muscle.

For every three pounds of muscle a person gains, he or she can expect to burn an extra 120 daily without moving a muscle. Resistance training makes calorie burning more efficient.

Resistance training shapes and sculpts the body.

Cardio, however, is great for stress relief, and for those who are stress eaters. Stress can contribute to belly fat, so adding cardio into your exercise regime can help.

A fitness plan that includes a balance of cardio training and weight training is the best way to improve your overall fitness, health, and wellness.

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Monday Madness: The Health & Fitness Show . . . Cardio vs. Resistance Training

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Monday Madness: The Health & Fitness Show

It’s Monday Madness: The Health & Fitness Show on the Stovall & Hoggard Communications Network on blogtalk radio. Here are the topics for the month of December:

December 1: Belly fat Burners

December 8: Circuit Training . . . What is it and why is it effective?

December 15: Cardio versus Resistance Training . . . Are they both necessary?

December 22: Surviving the Holidays – Part 2

December 29: New Year’s Resolutions that Stick

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Monday Madness: The Health & Fitness Show . . . Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Tips for Surviving the Holidays: The Healthy Way

Food Preparation

Even before you set down at the dinner table, think about modifying your favorite recipes. Here are some tips adapted from the African-American Favorite Traditional Recipes Made Healthy, Tasty, and Easy website: (

  • Reduce the amount of fat, sugar, and sodium
  • Omit an ingredient (skip high-calorie toppings and leave out optional condiments)
  • Use a low-fat cooking method (grill, bake, broil, boil, poach, steam, braise)
  • Reduce your portion sizes (have a tablespoon each of the things you like)
  • Make a healthy substitution using the suggestions here:
When your recipe calls for: Substitute this:
All purpose flour Whole wheat flour or white whole wheat flour for half the amount of the all-purpose flour
Canned soups, sauces, and veggies Reduced fat and sodium varieties, no-salt added canned veggies, frozen veggies, fresh veggies
Dry bread crumbs Rolled oats, crushed bran flakes (cereal), whole wheat bread crumbs
Eggs 2 egg whites or ¼ cup egg substitute = 1 whole egg
Enriched pasta Whole wheat/multi-grain pasta
Evaporated milk or sweetened condensed milk Evaporated skim milk or fat-free sweetened condensed milk
Fruit canned in heavy syrup
  • Fruit canned in own juices, water, or light/sugar-free syrup
  • Fresh fruit
  • Frozen fruit
Full-fat cream cheese Fat free or low-fat cream cheese
Full fat sour cream Fat free or low-fat sour cream, plain Greek yogurt
Ground beef Lean ground turkey (93/7 or 85/15)
Heavy Cream
  • Evaporated skim milk, fat-free half and half
  • For thickening soups, try pureed veggies or tomato paste
Mayonnaise Low-fat or fat-free mayo, replace part of the mayo with plain, non-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt
Seasoning salts such as garlic salt, onion salt, or celery salt Salt-free herb blends, fresh herbs, garlic, or onions, garlic and/or onion powder, celery seed
White bread Whole wheat/whole grain bread
White rice Brown rice (cooked in chicken or veggie bouillon, broth, or stock)
Whole milk Skim milk or 1% milk


Before/During The Holidays:

  • Protein Powder/Shake – Syntha-6 by BSN, Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP) by Beverley International, Protein Shake Mix by Arbonne (vegan/vegetarian/lactose intolerant), Ensure or Boost high-protein
  • Arbonne Full Control – Created from glucomannan and magnesium. Full Control should be taken 30 minutes before eating. The key ingredient is a fiber from the konjac root that expands in water.  This will safely make you feel satisfied so you do not over eat.

After The Holidays:

  • 7-Day Body Cleanse – By Arbonne. This gentle cleanse removes toxins and waste from your body and promotes fat loss and well-working body systems.
  • Herbal Colon Cleanse – by Arbonne. Uses natural ingredients to cleanse your colon of build-up and mucus that can send toxins into the blood stream. Cleansing the colon can accelerate weight loss and support colon health.

Arbonne products may be found at  Representative Tiffany Santana #13924005

Tips for Not Blowing it over Thanksgiving:

1- Make healthier substitutions for the foods you love – (1) cook greens with smoked turkey instead of pork (2) take out half of the macaroni in your mac and cheese and substitute it with cauliflower (3) have fruit with whipped cream (4) angel food cake for dessert (5) drink lots of water.

2- Do some exercises while you’re watching football, waiting for food to cook, and after you eat.

3-  Eat very small portions of everything you like, and don’t go for seconds

4 – Eat very slowly. It takes 30 minutes for your brain to get the signal that you have eaten and

5 – Add more vegetables to your menu – greens, green beans, squash, baked sweet potatoes, corn, salad, brown rice and zucchini cooked in bouillon.

These tips for not over-eating can also work throughout the year. Have a happy holiday season. Don’t forget to check out Monday Madness: The Health & Fitness Show on the Stovall and Hoggard Communications Network on blogtalk radio on Monday mornings at 10 am.

Monday Madness: The Health & Fitness Show

Join fitness experts Ken Williams and Tiffany Santana for another episode of Monday Madness: The Health & Fitness Show on the Stovall & Hoggard Communications Network as they talk about Tips for Accelerating Fat Burn. Ken Williams (Bootcamp for Women) and Tiffany Santana (Metropolitan Bootcamp for Women) will provide you with tips for revving up your body’s fat burning furnace, including how eating small meals every 2.5 to 3 hours a day can add fuel to the fat-burning mechanism in all of us. Join the conversation, post your questions on the Monday Madness Facebook Fan page, or log on at Call 1-914-338-1541 to share your experience, listen in or speak directly with Ken and Tiffany.

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Monday Madness: The Health & Fitness Show

On today’s episode of Monday Madness, your fitness experts Ken Williams (Body by Ken) and Tiffany Santana (Metropolitan Bootcamp for Women), will talk about how to survive the holidays or how to have a healthier Thanksgiving celebration. Many people use the holidays as an excuse to eat whatever they want and however much they want. “I’ll get back on my diet regimen after the holidays,” they often say. But it’s more difficult to get back on track when you’ve thrown all of your good habits and fitness regimens out the window.

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You can enjoy the holidays, sample the foods you love and still maintain your fitness goals. Ken and Tiffany will offer listeners and readers tips and strategies to keep you focused and on track even through the holidays of excess . . . Thanksgiving and even Christmas.

January (New Year’s Eve) is right around the corner and you don’t want to go into the new year feeling guilty for the year-end’s celebrations. Join us for a lively discussion, information you can use, and great laughs . . . all in an effort to get you up and moving.

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Monday Madness: The Health & Fitness Show 10-27-14 Episode

The Monday Madness team will be talking about breast cancer awareness tomorrow, Oct. 27 at 10am on Monday Madness: The Health and Fitness Show on the Stovall and Hoggard Communications Network on Blogtalk Radio. Check out this episode at If you’re a survivor and want to share your journey, give us a call at 1-914-338-1541.