Monday Madness launches on Stovall & Hoggard Communications Network

Sixty five percent of America’s population is overweight, so you are not alone in your quest for fitness.  It’s all about taking baby steps and having realistic expectations BUT you have to take that first step and find what keeps you motivated to take the next step.  And we’ll be right there for you every Monday morning 10am.  Join fitness expert Ken Williams and his co-host Tiffany Santana on Monday Madness.    So carve some time out for yourself, it doesn’t have to be everyday.  Thirty to forty-five minutes three times a week is a great start. Couple that with making better choices at the table and you are well on your way!  But don’t expect the weight to just fall off, strive for one to one and half pounds per week of weight loss, averaging between eight to ten pounds a month.   Check out Monday Madness on ways to incorporate exercise in your daily routine.  If you have questions shoot us an email:
Ken Williams :
Tiffany Santana:
  Looking forward to working with you!

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