Stovall & Hoggard Communications Network

The Stovall & Hoggard Communications Network . . .

Will tap into the power of BlogTalkRadio through six programs that will engage audiences in Hampton Roads, the state and around the country. As communications professionals, Stovall and Hoggard have developed an extensive network of experts in topics such as holistic medicine, health, physical fitness, exercise, nutrition, health care, politics, law, children’s issues, education and more.

S&HCN on BlogTalkRadio can take your business, organization, non-profit, etc. to new audiences via the largest social network on the Web. Get your message heard by listeners around the globe or right in your business backyard.

The Case for BlogTalkRadio . . .

BlogTalkRadio is the world’s largest and most influential social radio network with thousands of talented experts hosting shows on every kind of topic — from politics and current affairs, entertainment and sports to health and finance.

BlogTalkRadio VITAL STATS . . .

The ever-increasing success of podcasts confirms that audio is now a hugely important media format. In fact, BlogTalkRadio is the world’s largest producer of podcasts. Attracting a very significant audience of more than 18 million unique visitors per month, BlogTalkRadio is the platform of choice for people who want to participate in or listen to a good conversation.

1,800 shows created/day

15,000+ active hosts

30 million listens/month


BlogTalkRadio hosts have interviewed some of the biggest names and thought leaders across industries as guests on our networks. Align your brand, your message, your opinions with S&HCN on the BlogTalk Radio network.


What’s the common thread between AT&T, Columbia University, Lexus, Johnson & Johnson, HarperCollins and Sears? They all use BlogTalkRadio for business.